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Summary - Primer LS high spin 19kg commercial washing machine

Primer LS high spin 19kg commercial washing machine commercial washing machine

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Without doubt one of our best selling commercial washing machines.
This Very energy efficient machine is one of the most robust machines available on the market.


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Primer commercial washing machines

PRIMER High Spin Washing machines ranges from 10Kg to 120 Kg capacity. Therefore we can adapt to the various types of customers with very different needs: hair-dressers, gyms, hotels, care & nursing homes, hospitals, sport clubs, commercial and industrial laundries, dry-cleaners…
Its innovative design is directed to an increasing demanding market in terms of quality, performance and environmentally friendly:
• High Energy efficiency and low water consumption, making the investment return much quicker.
• Flexibility on the programming side: time, temperature, liquid products, new programs.
• High extracting capacity (rpm, G Factor) that allows the flat linen to be passed from the washing machine to the drying-ironer, reducing the drying capacity needs and time consumption.
• New technology for Wet Cleaning to process delicate linen on the PM models.
• Comfortable design and easy maintenance.

Primer presents the new models of High, Fast and Standard Spin Washing machines, full of innovative features and new capacities. This will make the PRIMER range the most versatile to any laundry. The new T microprocessor with a wide touch screen, usb connection and multiple functions is an important step forward for a user-friendly and intuitive programming.

4 Economic programs. REST mode, with automatic switch off. Water recovery system, with double drain option. Water savings up to 70%. Option: AUTOMATIC WEIGHING SYSTEM. – Up to 30% savings. (automatic adjustment of water and soap consumptions, as well as energy savings, according to the load which is automatically measured by the washer). OPTIMAL LOADING standard. Manual indication of the load.

All PRIMER washing machines are manufactured in stainless steel body, drum and tub, which besides an elegant look provides better quality and increased resistance to the external agents, lengthening the washer life and avoiding corrosion problems.

All PRIMER washers have the necessary features to use the WET CLEANING system, avoiding an investment in expensive applications to work with this advanced washing concept. With this feature many dry cleaning washing systems can be done with washer extractors,which also means a reduction in costs.

A simple but reliable design TO PRIMER WASHING MACHINES with easy-to-access mechanical parts which perfectly combines with the use of intelligent electronics. All components have been designed and manufactured with top quality and reputed brands, focusing on each component location and lower maintenance. complete technical menus, failure self-diagnosis systems, alarms.

Download the primer laundry equipment range brochure here
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