Maytag AT12PD top loading coin operated washing machine

Maytag AT12PD top loading coin operated washing machine

Maytag Washing Machine

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Maytag AT12PD coin operated top loading washing machine

12 months parts warranty

Dependability is what the Maytag top load washer is all about. The chip-resistant porcelain-enamel top and lid, and coated steel base and cabinet are not only
good looking but rust and corrosion resistant. The washer even stands proud on adjustable legs. The inner and outer tubs are impervious to detergent and
bleach, as well as being abrasion resistant, and purpose designed rubber hoses and seals ensure a long and trouble free life.
Computer Trac Controls, select the cycle with one touch and the digital display counts down the minutes remaining until the end of the cycle.
Features Benefits to customer
7kg top loader Large capacity
Maximum 30 minute cycle Fast throughput 14kg per hour (3 times the hourly throughput of a domestic washer)
Freestanding Inexpensive installation
Boiler Fed Uses economically heated water from your system
6 wash cycles Optimum programming for all fabrics and levels of soiling
13 amp electrical supply No expensive electrical installation
Computer controls Digital display of minutes remaining plus cycle selected

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